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24/7 availibility

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Free Estimate

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Roof Leak Specialists

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Metal Roofing

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Call Irongate (214) 843-1156 | INFO@IRONGATEROOFING.COM
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  • New installation (Shingle , Metal, Tile, Slate, Composition, Shake)
  • Residential roof repairs
  • Residential roof replacement and re roofing
  • Residential roof inspection
  • Residential roof maintenance
  • Insurance claims
  • Gutters and insulation (repairs, installation, replacement)
  • Free roofing estimates for home owners

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  • New roof installations(Flat roof, Metal roof, Shingle roof, Rubber)
  • Roof repairs(PVC flat roof, TPO Flat roof, Built-up roof, Bitumen roof, EPDM Rubber roof)
  • Roof replacement or re roofing(Flat roofs,Metal roofs, Shingle roofs, Rubber roofs)
  • Preventive roof maintenance(For all roof systems, roof membranes)
  • Roof inspection(leak detective)
  • Emergency Services(Roof repairs, roof replacement or re roofing)
  • Gutters and insulation (repairs, installation, replacement)
  • Water proofing
  • Apartments new roof installation
  • Apartment roof repairs(Shingles roof)
  • Apartment roof replacement or re roofing
  • Insurance claims

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  • Metal roofing materials offer strength & beauty
  • Galvanized steel
  • Sheet metal
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Stone Coated Steel
  • Galvalume


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Advantages of metal roofing


Sheet metal has gained popularity for residential roofing in recent years, begins as “flat stock” (flat metal panels) that roofing manufacturers or fabricators form into roofing panels and components.

  • It lasts as long as the house.
  • Speed and easy roof installation
  • Metal roofs are fire, hurricane, weather resistant
  • The maintenance of metal roofs is minimal
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Metal Roofing?
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