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Irongate Standing Seam Roof for Rockwall Women’s League

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Day 1 – Rockwall Women’s League playhouse build. You won’t believe the playhouse you’ll have the chance to win on April 8th! Stay tuned and thank you Irongate Roofing & Construction for donating the standing seam roof!!


Day 2 – Rockwall Women’s League playhouse build. The walls are up, roof taking shape and window openings defined offering a glimpse into the overall design concept. Stay tuned for the unimaginable and a very special thank you to Oldham Lumber for all your support!

Day 3, 4 & 5 – Rockwall Women’s League playhouse build. This coming Saturday, April 8th, you will have the opportunity to support an amazing group of Women serving the Rockwall community for more than 40 years not to mention someone will go home with an amazing playhouse! The standing seam metal roof is close to completion, and the exterior siding is continuing to reveal the transitional design concept of a modern farmhouse. AND YES, the clear cedar penny gap beginning to wrap the entry is going to be amazing!!